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Sustainable Design
Some Completed Projects:

CT DOT Facility, Hamden, CT - July 2009 Construction progress
CxA, M/P on-site Systems Approvals: George Nestor, PE 

45 Province, Boston, MA
Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE             

July 2009 CT DOT, Hamden, CT - M/P Analysis
Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE

Boston W Hotel & Condos. Boston MA
Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE  

Ascold's Residence, Peris, RO - Complete design with Geothermal system
Project Principal: Eugenia Schweitzer

Restoration Projects:

St. Joseph Parish, Worcester, MA
Project Engineer: Richard Nestor

Weston, MA
Project Manager: Eugenia Schweitzer

Friedman Residence, NYC
Project Manager: George Nestor

Fennings Residence, CT
Project Engineer: Richard Nestor

SF Madrid Terninal Improvement
Project Coordinator:  Andrea Schweitzer 

Commissioning Process:

At GNACE, we continuously strive to improve our quality and provide our clients with value-added consulting services. We are excited to now offer full Commissioning services. To ensure we provide our clients with a high level of service, our commissioning group is lead by an accredited Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP). By employing an accredited QCxP, our clients can be assured that the commissioning services offered by GNACE are consistent with ASHRAE Commissioning Process Guidelines and the Building Commissioning Association (BCA).  

Commissioning is a quality process provided through a comprehensive, systematic delivery and documentation process to verify that the Owner’s project requirements are met. The commissioning process, when properly implemented, will yield a building and building systems that meet the Owner's project requirements. Furthermore, it will provide a building with lower operating and maintenance costs than noncommissioned buildings. Many case studies have been generated to show the benefits of commissioning. These studies show that this process typically saves the Owner two to ten times the cost of the commissioning services. Enhanced project documentation, operation and maintenance manual requirements, and training provide the Owner with the information needed to keep their building operating efficiently for years to come. In short, commissioning provides better buildings through a better process.

Grand Central Terminal GCT: 2016 Revision to the HVAC systems
Project Engineer: George Nestor

Cathedral Plaza, Bucharest EU 
H.V.A.C. Engineers: G N A C E

T. Org Park Avenue, NYC, NY 2001-2003:
(100% interior renovation and new vertical addition)
MEP on-site engineer: George Nestor, PE

T. Org. Tower MER-2A, NYC
Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE

High rise condominium complex, MA
Project Manager: George Nestor, PE

Hilton - Athenee Palace, Bucharest, Romania
Project Engineer: Marian Tanasescu

West Side Apartments, Orlando, FL
Project Manager: George Nestor, PE


Term-D Munich EU

MCI Worldcom, Mattapan, MA
Project Manager: George Nestor

Services performed:
  • Mobile Switching Centers (MSC)
  • Data Center upgrade
  • Wireline Switching Center
  • Fiber Optic Amplification
  • Cell Hub
  • POP Hub

  • Sustainable Design Waltham, MA
    Project Manager: George Nestor

    Click this link for more on Sustainable Design

    Grand Central Terminal, NYC: 2008 PA updated design & specification review and value engineering approval for the Upper and Lower level Public Address system and HUB in collaboration with the GCT - MTA design team.
    Responsible Professional Engineer: George Nestor, PE

    Clipper C96  Wind Turbine Farm project, Neuenkirchen, D, EU
    Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE

    Partial Project Engineer: George Nestor, PE

    2016 Miami, FL:  Construction Administration phase:
    80% Natural Ventilation. Project Engineer:  George Nestor PE

    GNACE Work sample:

    A work sample of GNA Consulting Engineers approved by George Nestor, PE & NYC DOB is shown below.
    GNACE licensed engineers create Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire/Life Safety, Central Utilities, Controls, Telecommunications and Lighting design development drawings that generally include a composition of Sustainable Design & cogeneration applications. Our diversified practice parallels our client's demands for various project types including Health Care, Educational, Government, Corporate, Financial, Hospitality, Entertainment, Senior Living, Institutional and Retail.