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GNA licensed Engineering performs NYC DOB special Inspections and Building Inspections for TR-1 and TR-8 applications

All GNACE Inspectors are both Licensed Professional Engineers and Licensed Home Inspectors.

Why Choose a Licensed Professional Engineer?

  • The Engineer brings many years of training and experience to each inspection.
  • The Engineer can provide professional judgment on structural soundness.
  • The Engineer can provide professional judgment on system capacity.
  • The Engineer has the experience to evaluate unusual situations.
  • The Engineer works for his/her client. There is no conflict of interest.
  • The Engineer is accountable to the State Registration Board.
  • The Engineer is prudent in his/her judgment. The Engineer will not understate or overstate the seriousness of a problem.
  • All GNACE new building or alterations designs, are  supervised by a licensed engineer  which is required to review and approve all plans, reports and NYC DOB  filing documents before obtaining a building permit .  An application for a building permit is filed with the local building department.  This application may require plans be filed, site studies be conducted, etc. 
    The building department either issues a permit, recommends changes to the plan that will allow a building permit to be issued, or denies the application.  No work may begin until the building department issues the building permit.

    Some of our design documents in CT, MA, NY, NYC, NYS have been stamped by our qualified licensed professional engineer. Most buiding departments require the licensed engineer or architect to stamp their drawings  issued for: new buildings, additions and renovation projects, wind turbines, cogeneration and Interconnection applications, Energy Star performance reports, Structural components, site development and more.

Our services include:

  • NYC BOB design services
  • Engineering inspections and reports
  • NYC DEP approval
  • Building permit approval
  • Geothermal system permitting
  • HVAC design approval
  • Structural design services and approval
  • Plumbing design services and approval

City and State Projects
The building code sets the minimum construction standards.  Exceeding the requirements will just increase construction costs and construction delays. Licensed engineers and architects are required to perform most of the standard services, in order to obtain a construction Permit. In NY, NJ, CT and MA for example, many state and city agencies require a licensed professional (architect and/or engineer) to address their requirements. Some of the NY, NJ, CT licensing agencies are:
NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, NYC DOB, NYC AEU, NYC DCA, NYC Port Authority - of New York and New Jersey, NYC MTA and more.

The States of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and the City of New York have their own building codes.  Many local communities have amended the state codes.  For more information, visit the  International Code Council (ICC) web site.  You may also find more information at New York City Building Code 

Arnold Chase Residence, CT - nearly 4 yr construction: 

The West Hartford (Chase) Residence: 2008
GNACE completes design of 95% eff. geo-system on largest (approx. 60,000 sq ft) Mansion in CT: 

LL-63 NYC Code     LL-11-98 NYC Filing
NYC Special Inspections Guide