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GNA Consulting Engineers has a systematic process of ensuring that all building systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, the owner’s objectives and operational needs. This is achieved ideally by developing and documenting Owner’s Project Requirements beginning in the pre-design phase; continuing through design, with reviews of design and contract documents and continuing through construction and the warranty period with actual verification through review, testing and documentation of performance. All New York, NY consulting engineering services are constantly monitored by the GNACE founder Mr. George Nestor, P. E.
GNACE entire staff is trained in sustainable construction practices in order to keep their edge in this important field. Principles such as minimizing embodied energy, improving construction waste disposal practices, using recycled material, insuring that specified materials are recyclable, minimizing environmental impact on water and air resources, and improving indoor air quality, are studied and incorporated into our designs. By making sustainable practices an inherent part of our work, our engineers design more holistically. Sustainable design is consistent with our belief in the importance of historic preservation, quality new construction, and thoughtful adaptive reuse.

George Nestor, PE

Practicing  Architectural Engineering since 1984

Licensed Professional Engineer, registered in the State of

Licensed Professional Engineer, registered in the State of:


Licensed Professional Engineer, registered in the State of
New York

Member of the United States Green Building Council

Member of International Code Council

Member of National Society of Professional Engineers

Member of ASHRAE, CSPE

Registered with

The National Record Registry for Professional Engineers

Mr. Nestor  founded the firm in 1998 as a single Managing Principal. Mr. Nestor has  more then 26 years of experience in the fields of Architectural Engineering design and commissioning,  he carefully monitors all services and expansions, in order to maintain the best quality products to his clients.



David Adams, PE, CxA Associate 

Mr. Adams is the managing commissioning consultant for the  Construction Inspection Practices, with more than 16 years of experience in construction and consulting services

Member of the United States Green Building Council USGBC

Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers,

Richard Nestor, FE, E.I.T. Associate 

Mr. Richard Nestor
has  more than 6 years of experience in Structural Engineering. Mr. Nestor  has been an inspiration behind the success of our firm.
Primary Functions
Project leadership with an emphasis on coordination between disciplines, architectural, MEP and structural design components.
Member of 
US Building Council

Ing. Ion Greavu , CA  Associate 

Mr. Ion Greavu is the managing commissioning consultant for the  Construction Administration Practices in Romania, EU. 
Mr. Greavu has  more than 26 years of experience in construction and consulting engineering services. 
He has a strong coordination background in the general construction industry.

GNA Consulting & Design Engineers is committed to incorporating and integrating the principles of sustainable design in all our projects. When feasible we incorporate design practices outlined in the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED® Green Building Rating System™. LEED® provides a definitive standard for what constitutes a “green building”. 


1 - Commissioning Agent

2 -  Management 

3 - Mechanical - H.V.A.C.

4 - Electrical

4 - Plumbing

1 - Fire Protection

2 - Structural

Each licensed  design professional is expected to
deliver the highest quality of service to the client. More than 90%
of the firm's work is directly with new and existing clients. Remaining
percentage is assigned by other licensed architects  architectural consultants and contractors.

GNACE design and building evaluation background encompasses:

• Museums, Theaters, Music Halls and Auditoriums

• Restaurants and Dining Facilities

• Residences

• Libraries and Institutional Facilities

• Hospitals, Laboratories

• Computer and Data Processing

• Schools and Multipurpose Sport Centers

• Commercial, Office and Corporate Facilities

• Educational Facilities